Tour week – a drive through Elmhurst neighborhoods

While I'm away on vacation this week, I'm dipping into the archives to show you around parts of Chicago's western suburbs we haven't visited in a while.

Our tour today focuses on Elmhurst, and our guides are Tom Makinney and Maria Gracik from Koenig & Strey's Gracik Makinney Group. Tom and Maria are both long-time residents of Elmhurst.

In the above video, Tom gives me an overview of Elmhurst's Crescent Park neighborhood. The Crescent Park neighborhood is bounded on the west by Poplar Ave, on the north by St Charles Rd, on the east by I-290 and on the south by the Illinois Prairie Path. A small triangular park, Crescent Park, is at the center of the neighborhood, which has gently curving streets lined with mature trees and a slightly sloping topography. Wild Meadows Park and Washington Park lie along the southern and eastern edges of the area.

According to the Elmhurst Historical Museum, Crescent Park was originally a 128-acre farm and was once platted as a cemetery before being sold to a developer who envisioned it as the "most exclusive residence district" in Chicago's western suburbs.

Today, says Tom Makinney, whose wife grew up in Crescent Park, it's "one of the top three subdivisions in Elmhurst." In the video we stand in Washington Park as Makinney outlines the reasons for his conclusion.

We then hop in the car for a drive through Elmhurst and its thriving downtown in the following video.

I then switched cars and toured the College View neighborhood with Maria Gracik.

I've shot video at many Elmhurst homes with Maria and Tom, and you can get an extended look at the community's housing stock on this YouTube playlist.

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