Two new Hinsdale 6-bedrooms, $2.2M apart

There's hardly a home buyer alive who needs to be told that homes with similar bedroom and bath counts in the same community can vary widely in price. Location, lot size, the quality of finishes, square footage, school district, architecture and a host of other factors can account for differences in price.

If you're looking for a newly-built 6-bedroom home in Hinsdale and can afford $4,299,000 you might want to check out 707 S Lincoln St and compare it with the new 6-bedroom home at 5509 S Washington St, which is priced at only $2,099,900.

The home on Lincoln appears, from the listing pictures, to have more architectural flair and larger room sizes, and it has a closer-to-town location, but only a walk-through of both homes can justify the price differential.


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