Is Hinsdale more fashion-conscious than Lake Forest?

Many home buyers are looking for a way to live in addition to a place to live, and that lifestyle choice often includes the personal tastes and appearance of their prospective fellow residents. Some of the well-dressed, in brief, want to live only among the well-dressed.

A hat tip to Hinsdale Patch for alerting us to a study by Bundle that ranks the "most fashionable towns in America."

Make what you will of the study's apparent equation of two very different concepts – fashionable and fashion-conscious, and note that Hinsdale ranks number 11 on the list, just ahead of Lake Forest, but behind Glencoe (#2), Winnetka (#4) and Highland Park (#9).

If you're enamored of Hinsdale but not fashion-conscious, you can take comfort in the fact that the survey reports only 1 of 9 Hinsdale residents among the fashion-conscious.

I recently saw a sign in New York that said "NYC, tolerant of your beliefs, judgmental about your shoes." Does that apply to Hinsdale?


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  • Hinsdale is pretty awesome......if you're a North American leaf beetle.

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