Are west suburban real estate agents cheaping out on marketing your home?

If you're looking at real estate listings in Chicago's North Shore communities you can expect to see professional photography for almost every home priced at $2 million or above.

When you look at listings in the same price range in some of Chicago's western suburbs there seems to be less than an even chance that the listings will include professional photography. That's my take after looking randomly at scores of west suburban luxury listings.

The agents are looking to "earn" a commission that may exceed $50,000 but aren't willing to invest a few hundred dollars (or less, if there's a company deal / co-pay) in photography, when it's well-known that consumers often skip over poorly photographed homes in a split-second?

Real estate agents tout the number of popular websites at which their listings are viewable. Does it matter that they'll be instantly bypassed on all of those sites if they lack good photography?

Real estate agents are adept at explaining how poor the market is to sellers. Do sellers need to become equally adept at explaining to real estate agents how poor their marketing is?

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