Relocating Navistar employees make varied housing choices

Elmhurst Patch has a fascinating article on the housing choices of Navistar employees who were relocating from the company's previous headquarters in Wayne, IN to its new location in Lisle.

The relocating employees have collectively purchased more than $50 million in local real estate, but they showed little inclination to cluster in close-to-work locations.

Here's how Erin Connor, the relocation director for John Green Realtors summarized what the Navistar employees wanted from their new homes:

“Typically it was having a bit more space… where they were coming from they were used to having a bigger piece of land, where they maybe weren’t as close to their neighbors,” she said.

Larger garages that allowed “space for their toys,” or personal projects, such as car restorations, were also a frequent request.

Connor noted short commute times weren’t necessarily a factor because many were already making a 45-minute drive to work in Fort Wayne—albeit on less congested roads. However, she said some employees were “willing to drive 30 to 45 minutes to really have the quality of life they wanted.”

Connor said there is still a small percentage of clients, "probably dozens, that decided to rent in the short term.” She said some are waiting for their homes in Indiana to sell, while other clients are “taking a little bit of time so they can make an informed decision” about which community they choose.

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