MLS offers broad selection of rentals in Naperville

If you're looking to rent a home, townhome or condo in Naperville, you'll find a wide selection available through a search of rental listings in the local MLS.

There are currently 82 Naperville listings returned by a search at a major broker's website. They range from a 1-bedroom condo priced at $825 a month to a 4,750 square foot, 5-bedroom, 6 ½ bath home renting for $5,600 a month.

The median price of approximately $1,700 a month will rent you a 3-bedroom, 2-bath 70s vintage ranch or a newer 3-bedroom, 2 ½ bath attached townhome.

If you're trying to determine whether to buy or rent in Naperville, running the numbers on comparable properties is generally going to favor the rental option in today's market. That said, the availability of bargain-priced properties will make for frequent exceptions to that generalization.

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