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A 1930s cottage in Glen Ellyn's Lake Ellyn neighborhood

If you lived in Stacy’s Corner from the late 1840s to the early 1890s you watched your home town change its name to Danby, and then to Prospect Park and, finally, to Glen Ellyn. You could credit, or blame, Thomas E. Hill for the quirky spelling of the final iteration of the name: it was... Read more »

A distinctive Queen Anne brownstone in River Forest

If the mature trees on the 100 x 200 foot lot at 147 Thatcher Ave in River Forest don’t satisfy your taste for greenery, there’s a forest preserve with a river running through it directly across the street. A two-block walk along the forest preserve takes you to the River Forest Metra station. 147 Thatcher... Read more »

A snapshot of the Elmhurst housing market

The draws for Elmhurst are its location, its schools and its housing stock – which can start with a move-in ready home for $200,000, according to Tom Makinney of the Gracik Makinney Group. Makinney, who grew up and lives in Elmhurst, outlines his home town’s advantages in the above sponsored video. The Gracik Makinney Group... Read more »

Chicago-area new home sales fall for sixth straight year

Chicago Real Estate Daily reports: Homebuilders sold 665 homes in the fourth quarter, down 3.3 percent from 688 in the third quarter and 1.8 percent from 677 a year earlier, according to Schaumburg-based residential consulting firm Tracy Cross & Associates Inc. Full-year sales totaled 2,962 homes in 2011, down 4.5 percent from 3,101 in 2010.... Read more »

Downers Grove residents gaining a parking lot in their front yards

If you’re thinking of buying near a large institution – a hospital, a high school, a university, etc. – you should always carefully investigate what that institution’s expansion plans might mean for your property value. And you should always be aware that large institutions plan for the long horizon, and execute their plans in a... Read more »

Calling for a moratorium on real estate deals of the century

We’re four score and eight years away from the end of the century, at which point we can truly pronounce the real estate “deal of the century.” I realize that “deal of the century” can fairly be read to mean “deal so far this century.” But, when every day brings a drumbeat of deals of... Read more »

A beautifully staged new home in Naperville

Late last week and early this week I headed out to Naperville for a before-and-after video shoot of a newly-built home that was being staged prior to being listed in the MLS. The video was sponsored by Brook Furniture Rental, which teamed up with Chris DeBoo of Simply Staging to transform bare rooms into spaces... Read more »

Is Geneva like Mayberry?

If you’re unfamiliar with Geneva, you’re likely to be charmed by Dave Heun’s anecdotes of its small-town spirit. If you know Geneva, the anecdotes ring true. For every way in which Geneva resembles Andy Griffith’s Mayberry, there are a dozen ways in which it differs, and all of those ways trace back to the robustness... Read more »

A 6-bedroom home in Stone Park in the $60s

If you’re a long-time Chicagoan you may have a mental image of Stone Park that doesn’t match its current circumstances. Stone Park was once one of the poorest municipalities in the Chicago Metro area. That’s no longer the case – half of its households have an annual income in excess of $50,000 and its median... Read more »

The staircase makes a statement in St Charles

The foyer and grand front staircase at 5N130 Goldenrod in St Charles make a statement: prepare to be impressed by this home. The back staircase makes a statement of its own: convenience was considered in the design of this home. There’s little doubt that the home offers an unusual wealth of detailing at its $975,000... Read more »