Downers Grove residents gaining a parking lot in their front yards

If you're thinking of buying near a large institution – a hospital, a high school, a university, etc. – you should always carefully investigate what that institution's expansion plans might mean for your property value. And you should always be aware that large institutions plan for the long horizon, and execute their plans in a very stealthy fashion so as to avoid unduly driving up their land acquisition costs.

What brings these thoughts to mind is a recent TribLocal report on the plight of some Downers Grove residents who are disturbed about plans for the expansion of the Downers Grove North High School campus.

Under the current design, a large parking lot with 20-foot-tall lights will be constructed along the north side of Grant Street, where there has long been a buffer of trees.
Some who live on Saratoga Avenue and Grant Street say they would like the district to flip the current plan – building an athletic field as a green buffer near their homes on the south side.

Parking it will be, said a school spokesman.

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