Calling for a moratorium on real estate deals of the century

We're four score and eight years away from the end of the century, at which point we can truly pronounce the real estate "deal of the century."

I realize that "deal of the century" can fairly be read to mean "deal so far this century." But, when every day brings a drumbeat of deals of the century from hyperbole-favoring real estate agents, the term loses all credibility – and so do the real estate agents hyping it.

What set me thinking about the "deal of the century" was a new listing for a home priced one-third below its 2007 selling price, and one-third above the asking price of dozens of competing homes in the immediate area.

I'd like to see real estate agents declare a decades-long moratorium on the term "deal of the century."

I can live with one exception to the rule: if the agent honestly declares that "this is the deal of the century for me, because it's the first listing I've been able to get in more than 11 years." Truth to tell, that's typically the reality behind many a claim of "deal of the century."

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