A snapshot of the Elmhurst housing market

The draws for Elmhurst are its location, its schools and its housing stock – which can start with a move-in ready home for $200,000, according to Tom Makinney of the Gracik Makinney Group. Makinney, who grew up and lives in Elmhurst, outlines his home town's advantages in the above sponsored video.

The Gracik Makinney Group just published a snapshot of housing market trends in Elmhurst. The report has some good news for buyers in the form of housing prices that have been trending downward over the past 3 years, and market-time statistics that strongly favor buyers.

Single-family home prices that averaged in the $470s in January of 2009 fell to the $380s in December of 2011. The positive news for sellers is that the number of homes sold increased year-over-year from 2010 to 2011 in all but the higher-price ranges.

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