A video visit to Occupy Naperville

If you've watched the coverage of Occupy Wall Street or the Occupy movement in major cities around the country, you may be surprised by what you see at Occupy Naperville (ON).

An ON rally occasionally takes on the cast of a Tea Party, League of Women Voters or AARP meeting, albeit one that's more thinly attended.

National issues predominate in this video, and in the others at Occupy Naperville's YouTube channel, but patience will reward you with a sense of some of the issues more directly relevant to Naperville and the chance to meet some of Naperville's residents.

The takeaway – Naperville isn't as homogeneous of a community as outsiders might perceive it to be.

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  • Hi Joe, sorry I couldn't see the video. Please repost if needed and take a look at the Occupy blogs and the impact on Bronzeville
    The B.U.G.

  • Danie,

    No reposting needed - the problem with seeing the video is apparently on your end.

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