Western Springs has lots to offer, but little diversity

The Village of Western Springs has the aura of a small town – which it is, clocking in at under 3 square miles and fewer than 13,000 residents. La Grange is on its eastern border and I-294 separates it from Hinsdale to the west.

One of the most striking things about Western Springs to an outsider is its demographic diversity: it hasn't any. The Village's Census Tracts are all 95% or more White, with tiny Asian and Hispanic populations, and only a handful of African-Americans.

Western Springs is affluent, which median household incomes in excess of $120K, and educated, with nearly three-quarters of its adult residents over 25 holding a bachelor's degree or higher. The median home value is well over $500k, but the median list price of homes currently on the market is $449K and the median home sale price in September was $387K, according to Redfin.

Read more about Western Springs in the recent community profile at the Chicago Tribune website, which bills it as "a small town with lots to offer."

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