Name the architectural style of this Hinsdale home

The listing copy describes the home at 312 East 9th St in Hinsdale as a "Greek neo-classic villa of proportion & substance. Blending the gracious style of today w/uniquely bold grandeur & panache."

I'll go (tongue in cheek) with the "uniquely bold grandeur" but I'm hard-pressed to discover the panache, the proportion or the substance, or to discern any resemblance to Greek or neo-classical architecture. Second-Empire Neo-Byzantine Spanish Colonial hodge-podge seems a better fit.

A year and a half ago I stood outside the home with a local agent who explained in some detail how out-of-character the home was in Hinsdale. I opined, as I'll do again here, that my aesthetic judgment is not exactly robust and I wouldn't venture to question the taste of a buyer who fell in love with the home.

The home is directly adjacent to the parking lot for Hinsdale's Oak Elementary School.

The 4-bedroom, 4 full, 2 half-bath home recently surfaced as a new listing – as it's done periodically since June of 2008. The current asking price is $2,900,000.

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