In Downers Grove, a flood plain is an LPDA

Most homebuyers are used to thinking of areas at risk of flooding as being on a flood plain.

In Downers Grove the working moniker for flood-prone property is a Localized Poor Drainage Area or LPDA.

The Village of Downers Grove website links to a map of LPDAs and provides a number of helpful tips and advice about flooding.

The discussion of flood insurance, in particular, may be of interest to homebuyers and homeowners. The typical homeowners' insurance policy does not cover flood damage, and flood insurance policies typically have coverage limits that may provide a nasty shock for policyholders when it comes to claims time.

Trib Local recently reported on a study finding that homeowners bear a disproportionate share of the costs of storm water infrastructure in Downers Grove. The study included a finding that " in order to keep up with long delayed storm water needs the village needs to double the amount it spends on storm water infrastructure."

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