The Tribune finds La Grange Park a little town with a lot of appeal

As someone who has written, commissioned and edited hundreds of community profiles over a span of several decades, I know how difficult it can be to develop and communicate an accurate take on a community. That said, I'm generally impressed with the Tribune's series of community profiles.

When I don't have much familiarity with a community, I reach out to someone who does and ask for their assessment. Here's what someone I know had to say about the Tribune's latest profile, La Grange Park:

The article is pretty accurate.

I'm only really familiar with the SW corner, or older section which is West of La Grange Road and north of Ogden. That's in my daughter's school district, so we know a fair amount of families from there.

I know two people who live in that section. It's very nice. Housing ranges from bungalows and farm houses to McMansions and everything in between, Victorians, tudors, sprawling mid-century ranches. Big old trees, forest preserve abuts the neighborhood. This area is not really more affordable than La Grange.

The other area of La Grange Park is East of La Grange and North of Ogden to Cermak, East to Brookfield. Georgians, split levels, ranches, apartments. Some nice parks, very stable, much more affordable than the SW corner.

We looked at a lot of houses in La Grange Park when we were considering moving to the area. We chose La Grange instead mostly to be able to walk to the train, and downtown La Grange.

If you're researching a move to a new suburban community or Chicago neighborhood, the Trib's community profiles are a quick, useful, reasonably reliable source.

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