Envisioning a Western Springs makeover

Western Springs IL

Undeterred by the failure of downtown redevelopment efforts in other Chicago suburbs, the Village of Western Springs has unveiled plans for a complete transformation of its downtown area.

The plan, which is a set of guidelines rather than legal mandates, envisions a downtown that retains the "historic scale and character of Western Springs, while offering expanded opportunities to shop, live, work and play in a family friendly environment."

I've always enjoyed a visit to downtown Western Springs, despite the shortcomings that some locals obviously perceive. And, I'm a bit puzzled by how Western Springs can both retain its historic character and expand sufficiently to become a destination locale. Chicago's western suburbs are not lacking in destination downtowns and shopping malls.

If you're curious about the vision outlined in the plan, you can learn more from this Western Springs Patch article, and at this Web site.

If Western Springs is one of the communities you're considering for your next home, a visit to the French Market is a great way to experience a bit of the downtown. The French Market opens its every-Thursday through October 27 run on May 5, from 2 to 7 PM, on Hillgrove Ave in front of the Village's historic water tower.

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