A video visit to downtown Downers Grove

We love video tours as a way to visit communities without having to get in the car - especially with current gas prices.

The video above takes you on a corporate-toned tour of downtown Downers Grove, but does provide a decent look at what you'll find there. If your checklist for your next move includes finding a suburb with a destination downtown and Metra access to downtown in less than half an hour, add Downers Grove to your list.

The Downers Grove Visitors Bureau's Web site has a calendar of events that you can use to plan a good time to visit. Attending a busy community event will expose you to the way life's lived in Downers Grove and the people who live there.

There are currently more than 400 single-family homes for sale in Downers Grove. They range in price from just under $100,000 to $3,850,000, with the median-priced home coming in at just about $350,000.

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