Mixed reviews for Naperville's Preserve at Cress Creek

Here's the semi-official promo copy on Naperville's Preserve at Cress Creek from Google's Place page:

Find peace and tranquility at The Preserve at Cress Creek, the quality choice in apartment homes for everyone. Make The Preserve the quality choice for everyone. You'll love the 20 acres of architecturally designed landscaped grounds and beautiful views of Cress Creek. We are your choice for mid-rise and garden-style living in the heart of Naperville.

That doesn't match up well with the user reviews you'll find on that same page. Some sample quotes from users purporting to be tenants:

"This place is a complete disaster."

"Not too bad. Nothing spectacular, but nothing horrifying."

"This is a dump."

It's wise, as always, to be skeptical of anonymous reviews on the Web.

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