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Elmhurst school district slashing its budget

A number of west suburban school districts have been raising taxes to close budget gaps, while others are considering major program reductions. According to Trib Local, Elmhurst District 205 is among the group considering cuts – $3 million in cuts. The list of programs most able to sustain cuts, according to the committee that studied... Read more »

West suburban real estate news roundup

Not all of the stories linked below qualify as actual “real estate news,” but they may affect your decision on where to move. If you’re homeward bound to the western suburbs, the local media can help you learn the flavor of the different communities. Oak Park engineers traffic slowdown Elmhurst addresses flooding issues Hinsdale to... Read more »

Rent a Hinsdale 3-bedroom for $1,000 a month

There are currently several dozen homes listed for rent in the MLS in Hinsdale, at monthly rents ranging up to $6,000. There are two surprises in the current offerings. The first, it strikes me, is a broader than usual selection of rental homes in Hinsdale. The second surprise is a 3-bedroom home on a 50... Read more »

Hinsdale's minority population shows large percentage increase

The overall numbers are small, but the minority population in Hinsdale saw substantial percentage gains over the past decade. As reported by Trib Local: Between 2000 and 2010, Hinsdale’s black or African American population rose 58.8 percent from 136 to 216. Its Asian-only population increased 38.6 percent from 777 to 1,077 and its Hispanic/Latino... Read more »

A townhome open house in Oak Brook

Open houses are popular with home buyers but receive mixed reviews from sellers and real estate agents. In some parts of Chicagoland, open houses are a traditional part of the marketing program; in other areas, not so much. Unlike the North Shore, open houses are infrequently hosted at Oak Brook homes priced above $2 million.... Read more »

Are some Oak Park sellers pricing too high?

Chicago Realtor Eric Rojas has been blogging about his experience finding a home for clients in the $350,000 price range in Oak Park. While noting that there is a good selection of 3-bedroom, bath-and-a-half homes in parts of the village, he sees sellers of homes near public transportation as unrealistic in their pricing. This despite... Read more »

Bargain-hunting in Western Springs

Local Web sites are often a good source of information about what’s happening in a community. Just as often they’re an unreliable source of real estate information. Take a recent post at Western Springs Patch, featuring five homes for sale for less than $300,000 as an example. One of the homes, at 1108 Birch Ln,... Read more »

West suburban open house season in full swing

The Super Bowl (remember that?) is past, and a full selection of homes are open for viewing in some of Chicago’s near west suburbs this Sunday. Twenty-three homes will be open in Oak Park, at prices ranging from the $130s for a 1-bedroom condo to $899,000 for a recently-renovated newly-listed, 4-bedroom, 3 ½ bath Victorian... Read more »

Great curb appeal on a not-new Oak Park Tudor

Like many “new” listings surfacing in search results these days, the listing at 1211 N Ridgeland Ave in Oak Park has simply been reactivated after a 5-day hiatus. It’s been on and off the market since November of 2008. And, like many homes being touted as having a “price drop,” the price change is more... Read more »

La Grange Park adopts "user-friendly" zoning code

Anyone who’s ever had to read a municipal zoning code will stop short and get a hearty chuckle from this description of La Grange Park’s new zoning code: user-friendly. The new code is also described as predictable, consistent and incorporating modern development techniques. Meeting all of those descriptions is possible only if the users to... Read more »