Is Oak Park truly integrated?

Oak Park, Illinois, streetscape

Oak Park has long had a reputation as one of Chicago's few truly racially integrated suburbs, and the village has had a commitment to fostering integration.

There's no doubt about Oak Park's success as a viable, vibrant, attractive community. A close look at recent Census data, however, might lead some to wonder about how truly integrated Oak Park is.

The New York Times recently made available a map of every Census tract in America, based on recently updated 5-year data from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey. It's a great tool for exploring a community's demographic, economic, housing and social characteristics.

The 2000 Census found that the population of tract 8124 - the heart of Oak Park - was 88% White, 8% Black and 3% Asian.

According to the more recent data, that tract had become 90% White, 4% Asian, and only 3% Black.

If you're looking for true integration in Oak Park, you'll apparently have to look along its borders, not at its heart.

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