Westmont takes a different approach to flood control

Earlier in the week we called attention to Elmhurst's approaches to dealing with flooding issues.


The Village of Westmont is taking a different approach to the same issues, proposing limits on the lot coverage area of new homes and additions to existing ones. The theory is simple: allowing a home to cover less of the lot surface will leave a larger surface area for drainage.

The 2-bedroom home at 205 S. Cass Ave in Westmont appears to be a logical candidate for a teardown, and has a site that wouldnt appear to be much impacted by the changes in lot coverage. The home sold for $240,000 in July of 2005 and is now being marketed as a short sale at $99,000.

The home sits on a 50 x 225 lot, which would allow for the development of a large-footprint home at a 35% lot coverage ratio It's located a few blocks from downtown Westmont and the Metra station.

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