On and off the market for 38 months in St Charles and still a new listing

3041 Majestic Oaks Ln, St Charles, Illinois

That's right; for sale for 38 months and billed as a "new" listing. The home at 3041 Majestic Oaks Ln in St Charles has been listed, delisted, relisted, delisted, relisted etc. more than half a dozen times since 2007.

The 5,000 square foot 5-bedroom, 4-bath home was purchased for $802,000 in 2002, and is currently priced at $749,000 - before a $20K seller cash credit at closing.

The key phrase in the listing seems to be "real estate tax appeal in process."

The 2008 taxes, with homeowners' exemption, are listed at a neck-stiffening $22,886. We genuinely wish the buyer luck with the appeal.

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