It's turkey time in Hinsdale

Wild turkey, Hinsdale, Illinois, TribLocal photo

Trib Local brings us the news that it's the time of year when wild turkeys are wont to strut around Hinsdale Central High School. That comes as no news to students at rival New Trier High School in Winnetka, who've long deemed Hinsdale Central to abound in turkeys of a different sort.

And, as long as we dabbling in bad plays on the meaning of turkey, we ought to note that the newly-built home at 809 S Vine St in Hinsdale has likely proved a turkey of an investment for its builder.

Come February of next year the slate-roofed 5-bedroom, 5 ½ bath property will bemoan its fourth anniversary on the market. Earlier this month the asking price plummeted from $1,775,000 to $1,375,000 - a difference that would be a lot of turkey. Will one man's turkey be another's feast?

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