High-end homes open this Sunday in Naperville

The shopping frenzy of Black Friday is traditionally followed by a Bleak Sunday for home buyers seeking open houses to view. This year is no exception.

In Naperville, for example, only six homes are open for viewing this weekend. Three of them are priced at upwards of $1 million, and all three have lingered on the market for some time, indicating that home buyers haven't felt the sense of urgency that overtakes other consumers on the day after Thanksgiving.

The 7,000 square foot, 6-bedroom, 6 ½ bath builders model at 1903 Saddle Farm Ln is currently priced at $1,299,999. The asking price has fallen by $260K since it first came on the market in March of 2009.

Another 7,000 square foot home, at 834 Santa Maria Dr, with 5 bedrooms, 6 ½ baths and a 6-car garage, is priced at $1,274,999. The home has been on the market for more than 3 years at prices that ranged as high as $1,750,000.

The 5,100 square foot, 5-bedroom, 5 ½ bath home at 434 Douglas Ave boasts a kidney-shaped outdoor pool among its features. It's been on and off the market for over 3 years, and saw its price reduced by $250,000 to $1,100,000 earlier this month, just four days after coming back on the market.

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