Addressing the flooding issues in Elmhurst

TribLocal photo, flooding cleanup, Elmhurst, Illinois

This past summer some Elmhurst home owners were underwater in more ways than on the amount by which their mortgage exceeded the value of their property.

Flooding has been a periodic issue in Elmhurst in the 100 years since it was incorporated, but it's doubtful whether photos of those events figure prominently in the Century City exhibit at the Elmhurst Historical Museum.

It will take only a quick look at the market stats and trending charts at Redfin to see the impact of the floods on Elmhurst sales earlier this year - and the fairly quick rebound in the market later in the year.

Although average sales prices declined by 7.27% year-over-year in Elmhurst, according to Chicago Magazine, values have increased more than 144% since 1994, making Elmhurst one of the top-performing suburbs in home price appreciation since that time.

Elmhurst officials and builders, according to TribLocal, are taking both longer- and shorter-term approaches to addressing the flooding issues, including the development of flood control plans and building new homes in a way that makes them less susceptible to water damage.

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