Too livable to be a Frank Lloyd Wright home

Commenter aztimc at YouTube chided us about the title of a video we recently shot:

You're selling yourself short by saying this is a "wannabe" Frank Lloyd Wright house. You should refer to it as a new & improved Frank Lloyd Wright-style house because it is actually livable. To be a true Frank Lloyd Wright, your home should be impossible to heat or cool, the floors should sag, and don't forget to make sure that the roof leaks profusely.

The house in question is an 800 square-foot former garage in Oak Park that Prudential Rubloff agents Tony and Kathy Iwersen transformed into a 3,250 square-foot "mature Prairie-style" home that should soon be listed for sale.


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  • Great news article about this new construction home, but as a FLWright homeowner, I completely disagree with the livability comment! My house is extremely livable, spacious, and architecturally beautiful. I think your comments about leaking roofs and floor sags is totally wrong and uninformed going on hearsay and rumor!

  • LauraT,

    We were quoting a commenter on YouTube.

    Hearsay and rumor? Totally wrong? Wright homes are famous for their construction issues, leaky roofs among the more common ones.,,393329,00.html

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