Is that home in Naperville District 203?

Downtown Naperville image, Illinois

I've heard more than once from Naperville Realtors that my headline is often the first question their buyers ask about a home.

Naperville District 203 and District 204 schools rank well on the Sun-Times lists of top 100 public elementary, middle and high schools. District 203 has the edge in elementary and high school rankings, while District 204 has the highest-ranked Naperville middle school.

If concerns about home values and school rankings are the primary drivers of your choice of location, then the common perception of home buyers in favor of District 203 might be the deciding factor.

Many parents, however, will take a closer look, and search for the right match between their children and the available Naperville schools. Each of the schools has particular strengths and may very well serve a particular child better than a higher-ranked school. For some parents, sports programs will be the deciding factor.

If Naperville is on your radar for your next home, a visit to one of the many local events is a good way to sample the flavor of the community. Trick or Treat in Downtown Naperville should ensure some high-quality treats from local merchants as well as a look at Naperville retail and dining options.

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