Five days of Pumpkin Festival in Sycamore

In the video Shodeen Homes' Liz Mallin drives me around the outskirts of Sycamore while we talk about the local baseball team and the wide range of events that take place in the tiny, historic city. If you want to see more of our drive, watch Part 1 and Part 2 of the video at YouTube. We also drove through Reston Ponds, Shodeen's new home community near downtown Sycamore.

One of Sycamore's signature events is the five-day Pumpkin Festival, which will be held this year from Wednesday October 27 through Sunday October 31. The event features a variety of kid-centric activities capped off by a Sunday parade. It's a great way to sample the flavor of Sycamore and get to know some of its residents.

A number of builders have been active in Sycamore, given the community's charm, school system and proximity to I-88 and Northern Illinois University. If you're headed to Sycamore from any distance you'll probably want to make a day of touring builder models and visiting the Pumpkin Festival.

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