Oak Park's turn-of-the-century model homes

309-319 N Grove, Oak Park, IL

When I saw the recent listing for an E. E. Roberts designed home at 315 N Grove in Oak Park, it reminded me of an excerpt I'd seen in the the book titled Oak Park in Vintage Postcards.

E. E. Roberts was a prolific designer of homes in Oak Park.  Between the 1890s and the 1930s, Roberts designed over 250 buildings including schools, churches and theaters, but primarily residential homes.  He catered to popular taste, and his work spanned a wide variety of architectural styles.

The homes at 303-319 North Grove were built in 1896 as "speculation homes" by Roberts. The six homes had similar floor plans but exhibited different detailing and ornamentation.  Together, they exhibit a classic Oak Park streetscape, which insprired me to snap the photo on the right earlier this year. The photo on the left is from the aforementioned book.

As you can see from the listing photos on 315, this home, like many in Oak Park, has been substantially built out and updated.

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