Turning back time in historic Sycamore

Turning back time in historic Sycamore

DeKalb County Courthouse, Sycamore, Illinois

Chicago's far-flung suburbs are engaged in an open brawl to attract new residents to fill their new subdivisions.

Some of those suburbs have advantages that others can't duplicate. In the case of DeKalb County's Sycamore those advantages include a distinct sense of place imparted by its extensive and well-maintained historic district. The district includes over 200 structures, highlighted by the Classical Revival style DeKalb County Courthouse, pictured above.

Northern Illinois University is nearby, in DeKalb, an institution that has attracted major retailers to the area and supplies a steady diet of cultural events.

Sycamore's location places it in "the land beyond the traffic jam" where suburbs evaporate and a small town atmosphere takes over. It's a different kind of small town, however, one whose sensibility is shaped by the cosmopolitan big-city transplants seeking a quieter, more affable lifestyle. Proximity to I-88 ensures easy access to a number of employment corridors.

Time spent reading about Sycamore would be better spent visiting it. You'll find a number of restaurants and interesting venues, and often a fair or festival. July 24 and 25th is Turning Back Time weekend, featuring over 800 vintage autos and other attractions.

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