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Does affordable housing attract Chicagoans to Indianapolis?

According to an article at Urbanophile, more than 48,000 Chicagoans migrated to Indianapolis between 2001 and 2009. Indianapolitans (?) also migrated to Chicago, but Indianapolis had a net gain of more than 12,000 people in the moves between the cities during that time period. A lower cost of living, including housing costs, is one of... Read more »

Is suburbanization likely to continue?

Advocates of the proposition that dense central cities are the way of the future have a few barriers to face – facts and consumer preferences. Joel Kotkin at newgeography makes the case for not writing off suburbia: For nearly a generation, pundits, academics and journalists have written off suburbia. They predict that the future lies... Read more »

New Cook County property tax site may affect property values

The new Cook County Property Tax Portal has gone live, providing easy online access to a variety of property tax information through a single website. The site is the result of cooperation among the elected county officials who take part in the property tax system. The aspect of the site with the greatest impact is... Read more »

Is 191 Sheridan one of the North Shore's most prized homes?

When Geno Benvenuti started in the architectural design business, he relates, he was designing kitchens for clients for $30,000. “Today,” he says, “they spend $30,000 just on the appliances – and they don’t even cook.” A lakefront home with a Benvenuti and Stein kitchen just came on the market at 191 Sheridan Rd in Winnetka,... Read more »