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A Glencoe extreme makeover across from Friends Park

Glencoe has a small, but surprisingly lively downtown near its Metra station. Glencoe’s downtown has one-of-a-kind shops, sidewalk cafes, the Writers’ Theatre, a farmers market, the wildly-popular Friends Park, and more. Living near downtown is a viable alternative to a low-density in-city neighborhood. Two years ago I sat in Friends Park with Shirley Olin, chatting... Read more »

At Friends Park, talking about Glencoe with Shirley Olin

Glencoe, on Chicago’s North Shore, was built as a railroad suburb. Like most of that genre, it has a retail-oriented downtown, with very much the feel of a city neighborhood, just off the train station. A popular downtown spot is Friends Park, which has a playground that’s often teeming with little kids. As part of... Read more »