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A Glencoe extreme makeover across from Friends Park

Glencoe has a small, but surprisingly lively downtown near its Metra station. Glencoe’s downtown has one-of-a-kind shops, sidewalk cafes, the Writers’ Theatre, a farmers market, the wildly-popular Friends Park, and more. Living near downtown is a viable alternative to a low-density in-city neighborhood. Two years ago I sat in Friends Park with Shirley Olin, chatting... Read more »

A dose of density for downtown Wilmette?

Downtown Wilmette has seen little change in the last 20 years, but that will change if the comprehensive plan recently adopted by village trustees is implemented. The major feature of the plan is the contemplated demolition and redevelopment of the site currently occupied by Chase Bank adjacent to the Metra station. Read more of the... Read more »

A divorced dad pad in downtown Wilmette

Rental apartments have been scarce in downtown Wilmette since several buildings converted to condo more than a decade ago. An MLS search surfaces a new listing for a 1-bedroom in what appears to be a 2-flat close to the Metra station, downtown Wilmette and McKenzie School. The $930 rent includes heat, parking and access to... Read more »

More retail, housing in downtown Wilmette future?

Downtown Wilmette appears to a casual observer as a time warp where little has changed over the last 50 years. There have, of course, been changes, including the development of several condo buildings. The perception of stasis stems from the scale and style of any new development, low-rise and respectful of existing buildings. Wilmette’s downtown... Read more »

A walking tour of downtown Evanston

Downtown Evanston is an urban neighborhood that rivals anything in Chicago outside of Lincoln Park. And, depending on your location in Lincoln Park the commute to downtown Chicago may be quicker from Evanston. Grand Bend at Green Bay in Evanston is in a location that’s easy to misunderstand. If you zip by along Green Bay... Read more »

At Friends Park, talking about Glencoe with Shirley Olin

Glencoe, on Chicago’s North Shore, was built as a railroad suburb. Like most of that genre, it has a retail-oriented downtown, with very much the feel of a city neighborhood, just off the train station. A popular downtown spot is Friends Park, which has a playground that’s often teeming with little kids. As part of... Read more »

BlockWalks, Central Street in downtown Wilmette

Downtown Wilmette is just a block from the Metra Station. It’s a brief stretch along Wilmette Avenue and Central Street that seems frozen in time. Stores turn over infrequently but the streetscape is timeless and unvarying. I moved to 11th & Central from Lincoln Park’s DePaul neighborhood in 1988 when my children were nearing school... Read more »