In Realtor-speak near can mean far

"Near" is one of the most frequently used words in the Realtor vocabulary. It's a versatile word, an adverb in some contexts, an adjective, verb or preposition in others. In Realtor-speak "near" is so elastic in meaning that what some consider near most would consider far.

Today's listing scan surfaced more far nears than near nears.

My notion of "near the beach," for example, would place it within a 5- or 10-minute walk, 15 minutes at the absolute outside.

One "near beach" listing, according to Google Maps, was nearly a 2-mile drive and a 40-minute walk from the beach. Is that nearing the point of lying?

Consumers are often quick to accuse Realtors of lying, but Realtor-speak is a field where Occam's razor comes into play. The simple explanation, ignorance or a flawed perspective, is the better one. If you live in Barrington and list a home on the North Shore, two miles is near rather than far.

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