Keck & Keck potential wreck in Lake Bluff on endangered list

A year ago Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin reported that that a Keck & Keck modernist home in Lake Bluff was a potential teardown candidate.

Kamin's column today notes that the home, at 925 Sheridan Rd, has surfaced on Landmark Illinois' list of ten most endangered historic places.

The pictures that accompany the linked articles online give little reason to credit the excitement that the home apparently generated among architecture critics when it was built in the 1950s. One publication even called it "A Residence of Exceptional Distinction." It's impossible to judge the merits of that claim, of course, without having been in the home itself. One must, however, take account of the fact that some architects have been known to be bootlickers vis-à-vis wealthy patrons, and that historic preservation groups will always deem something worth preserving at the risk of their organization losing its sense of mission and not being preserved.

The Blair House, as it's known, has been on the market for over a year and is currently priced at $9,995,000. You can read more about the home at the Lake Forest Academy website

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