A North Shore real estate news roundup

Lake Forest beach

If you're homeward bound to the North Shore, the local media can help you learn the flavor of the different communities and keep you up-to-date on real estate news.. Not all of the stories linked below qualify as actual "real estate news," but they may affect your decision on where to move.

  • Evanston sued by garbage hauler
  • What doomed Wilmette's most eccentric mansion?
  • Debating apartments in downtown Winnetka
  • A wish list from Lake Forest bikers
  • Solo Cup site goes the auction route in Highland Park
  • Four pricey lakefront estates sold
  • Evanston landlord loses suit over renting to students
  • A new Yellow Line stop in Evanston
  • Home sales in Winnetka's Crow Island neighborhood in 2011
  • A passage to India via Lake Forest

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