A mid-century modernist home in Evanston

East Evanston is a bastion of traditional-style homes. If you search MLS remarks for "modernist" in Evanston you'll get only one result: 701 Ingleside Pl. Searches on similar terms will also return only a very few single-family homes, and most of them will not be architecturally modern homes.

The 1962-vintage 3-bedroom,3-bath home on Ingleside is a classic instance of the mid-century modern style. The home is furnished consistently with a design philosophy that blended elements of Frank Lloyd Wright's organic architecture and International and Bauhaus styles, but the home is not being sold furnished.

The newly-listed property is near the far northeast boundary of Evanston and Wilmette, a short walk from Lake Michigan, the Baker Demonstration School and Evanston Hospital, with easy access to Northwestern University.

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