Average price down $150K in two years in Wilmette's Romona School area

West of Skokie Rd (Rte 41) in Wilmette all of the north -- south streets have names that begin with an L: Lacrosse, Lamon, Laporte, Lavergne, Lawler, Leclaire, Long, Leamington and Laramie.

It's an area that belies the North Shore's reputation as a wealthy enclave. Homes are typically priced from the mid-$200s to the low $400s and include 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and a free-standing garage.

The area has a diverse population, including a strong Asian presence.

Join me in the video for a drive along Laramie Ave from Lake Ave to Glenview Rd. North of Wilmette Ave the area is served by Avoca School District 37. South of Wilmette Ave children attend Wilmette District 39 schools, including Romona Elementary School. The entire area is served by New Trier High School.

Anne West's post at North Shore Views on home-price trending in the Romona School neighborhood contained a few surprises. I would have guessed that the part of Wilmette in the Avoca School District would have been the most affordable prices, but West pegs Romona with that title.

The second surprise is the fall-off in home values in the Romona neighborhood over the past two years. Average and median prices were $567,787 and $492,000, respectively, in 2009 and $420,824 and $350,000 in 2011. That's a steep drop in an attractive part of Wilmette.

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