Lot for sale on site of Lake Forest's fabled Villa Turicum

One way to view Lake Forest's Villa Turicum is as one of the nation's most costly debacles in private residential real estate.

Completed nearly a century ago at a reported cost of $5 million, Edith Rockefeller McCormick's storied 44-room Italianate mansion on more than 250 lakefront acres was abandoned, fell into disrepair and sold for less than $100,000 plus back taxes.

The land was eventually subdivided, and a wooded 1.46-acre bank-owned parcel recently came on the market, priced at $1,299,000.

Coldwell Banker's Cathy Kendall has the listing.

The property's history has been a subject of great interest over the years, and you can easily find a wealth of information online, including many original photographs.

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