North Shore Views spotlights Wilmette's McKenzie Square

If you're considering a move to Chicago's North Shore and in a learning mode you really ought to check in regularly at Anne West's North Shore Views site.

Anne writes regularly about local events, neighborhoods and real estate. Her most recent piece focuses on a Wilmette neighborhood that some call McKenzie Square and others just "McKenzie" after the local elementary school. Wilmette real estate listings typically preface the neighborhood name with "popular" or "sought-after," and it is.

Wilmette is, as they say of Chicago, a city of neighborhoods, with a great deal more variety than people unfamiliar with it might expect.

In addition to a useful take on why McKenzie Square / McKenzie is popular and sought-after, West sketches the types of housing available in the neighborhood, and mentions several homes that are currently on the market. One of them, 1534 Wilmette Ave, is pictured above.

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