A not-new but noteworthy listing – Lake Forest' s Pullman Estate

700 North Mayflower Rd, Lake Forest IL

Of late it seems that a depressingly large percentage of "new" listings are simply homes that have been on and off the market, often for extended periods of time.

We first wrote about the Pullman estate, 700 North Mayflower Road in Lake Forest, six months ago when it came to market at a price of $6,495,000, its current listing price after a brief hiatus from the market.

It isn't unusual for a home in the $6 million-plus price range to be on the market for a year or more, even in the most active of markets. It's also common for upper-bracket homes in Lake Forest to be selling near or below their 2001 prices. This home was purchased for $6,558,000 in July of 2001.

The home is on a 3-acre site near Lake Forest's stunning Forest Park and beach. It features 7 bedrooms, 6 full and 2 half baths, and a de Giulio kitchen.

See our prior post for a bit of information about the architect, Stanley Anderson.

The property is listed with Coldwell Banker's Pat and Vera Purcell.

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