Are Winnetkans opposed to affordable housing?

Greeley School, Winnetka IL

Or are Winnetkans, many of whom once lived in Chicago, accomplished ballot stuffers?

Either conclusion, or none, can be drawn from the results of an online poll conducted by The Winnetka Current, a local newsweekly.

The poll questions and current results are as follows:

Should Winnetka explore creation of a community land trust or use inclusionary zoning as part of its affordable housing plan?

A. Yes, this is common practice in other villages the best way to support the plan.

-- 71 votes, 24%

B. Maybe. The Village should closely study these options before making a decision.

-- 10 votes, 3%

C. No, neither of these options is right for Winnetka

-- 112 votes, 37%

D. No, Winnetka shouldn't even have an affordable housing plan.

-- 100 votes, 35%

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