A Kenilworth Memorial Day celebration

It isn't quite right to say that the tiny Village of Kenilworth"exceeds expectations" - more accurately it defies expectations.

Kenilworth is a very traditional island on the North Shore that shares many traits with small town America. Think Boy Scouts, bingo nights at the Kenilworth Assembly Hall and a municipal bowling league, for starters.

One way in which Kenilworth departs from tradition is that it celebrates Memorial Day a week early. This year's Memorial Day events in Kenilworth took place last Sunday, May 22.

In the 2007 video above, a large number of Kenilworth residents line the perimeter of the village green. Boy and Girl Scouts plant individual flags honoring Kenilworth residents who died in our wars as the Village President solemnly intones their names and addresses and the band plays the Battle Hymn of the Republic. A bugler then plays Taps, and a pastor of one of the local churches gives a benediction.

It's a moving ceremony that associates current residents very personally with the sacrifices of past ones.

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