A Stanley Anderson home in Lake Forest

700 North Mayflower Rd, Lake Forest IL

Stanley Anderson? His name isn't as well known as Howard Van Doren Shaw or David Adler, but Anderson - who began his career working for Shaw - was one of Lake Forest's most prolific architects.

According to Lake Forest Country Places, Anderson played a pivotal role in preserving a historical style, since his firm's "dominance had allowed it to serve as an informal gatekeeper, setting a benchmark other would-be Lake Forest architects had to meet,"

Anderson's Pullman Estate, a 7-bedroom, 6 full and 2 half-bath home on 3 acres at 700 North Mayflower Road, just came on the market, priced at $6,495,000.

The property is listed with Koenig & Strey's Pat and Vera Purcell


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