Gentrifying Winnetka

Several years back I was startled to hear a real estate person refer to the proposed redevelopment of the Fell Company site in downtown Winnetka as a project that would "gentrify Winnetka."

The phrase was shocking because the process of gentrification involves the movement of an affluent group into a low-income area, and no one in their right mind would consider Winnetka a low-income area.

You can read about the current status of the project as of January 10 at Trib Local, and also read an incoherent follow-on article at Winnetka Talk, and a clearer update at Winnetka Current.

If you're following the local press as a way of informing yourself on a possible move to Winnetka, you have four major options: Trib Local, AOL Patch, Winnetka Current and Winnetka Talk. You'll never see that much media attention focused on a community in need of gentrification.

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