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When times get rough in Lake Forest

“When times go bad, when times get rough,” Fleetwood Mac would have you lay down in the tall grass. Join Joe and Jordan Zekas for a drive – with vocals – along Tall Grass Lane, in the Conway Farms development in Lake Forest, where some home sellers have experienced rough times during the past few... Read more »

This could be your oval home office, in Evanston

As you can see from the picture, the room is currently a living room awaiting conversion to your very own oval office. And, if you’re not feeling very presidential, it functions well as a living room. The 13-room, 5-bedroom, 5-bath home at 305 Greenleaf St in Evanston last sold for $1,680,000 in July of 2001.... Read more »

From Rogers Park to Wilmette, by helicopter

This is raw footage from a 90-minute helicopter ride around Chicago — from Hyde Park to Wilmette. In this segment we start in Rogers Park headed north along the lakefront. You’ll get a good view of downtown Evanston, the Northwestern University campus, the Baha’i temple and Wilmette Harbor. Joe and Jordan Zekas and our ace... Read more »

A near-Mies in Lake Forest

The glass and steel mid-century modern vision at 300 Saunders Rd in Lake Forest is said to have been designed by Jack Viks, who in turn is said to have been a student of Mies van der Rohe. The Miesian influence is sharply evident in the home’s exteriors and some of the interior spaces. The... Read more »

A newer home in Winnetka that respects its context

We’ve all seen the hulking McMansions and faux castles that seem totally out of character in their surroundings. Aside from their visual impact, they may have a negative impact on the value of nearby properties. The experienced of architectural dissonance has been far more striking and common in the western parts of Chicago’s North Shore... Read more »

East Wilmette farmhouse below 2006 land price

A few short years ago teardown prospects on smaller lots in less desirable parts of Wilmette were selling above the $535,000 asking price of the home at 1133 Lake Ave in East Wilmette. The 11-room, 5-bedroom, 2 ½ bath home sits on a 50 x 185 lot about a block from the Wilmette Metra station... Read more »

Big-ticket home sales in Winnetka, Kenilworth

A tipster recently alerted me to two upper-bracket properties that have recently gone under contract. One is a lakefront property in Winnetka and the other, in Kenilworth, is one lot west of the lakefront. Both properties had been on the market for well over a year, and both had seen substantial price reductions. According to... Read more »

The North Shore's best agent-written real estate blog

Real estate mavens, from Brad Inman on down, have been promoting blogging to agents for half a dozen years or more. A few agents have picked up on the concept and done it well. Many more have poisoned the well with thousands of blogs updated infrequently with content that’s useless to home buyers and sellers.... Read more »

Tear down, remodel or expand a $2.2M Winnetka home?

We’ve become used to thinking of consumer electronics and cars as obsolete when their features and functionality are over-matched by newer, less expensive models. We don’t normally think of homes that way, but many homes do become functionally obsolescent. Homes typically become obsolete when their land value far outstrips the value of the home and... Read more »

Tracking North Shore foreclosures

“I like to keep track of what may be lurking in the shadows out there that can come out and bite us,” says local correspondent Honore Frumentino of Prudential Rubloff. “Last year we had a lot of foreclosures dumped on us, and it really affected the spring market this year,” Frumentino reported. “The appraisers were... Read more »