North Shore foreclosure action scant in Q2 2010

Late last year real estate agents were sounding alarms about a pending tsunami of foreclosures on the North Shore. It doesn't appear to be happening.

The Woodstock Institute's Q2 2010 report was recently released, and the pickings appear to be relatively slim for foreclosure foragers in the more populous North Shore communities.

According to the report, Evanston saw 33 completed foreclosure auctions during the quarter, Highland Park had 18, Lake Forest 6 and Wilmette a mere two.

Foreclosure filings for Q1 2010 were: Evanston, 85; Highland Park, 37; Lake Forest, 15; Wilmette, 19.


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  • WTF?

    The guy being interviewed in the video says the North Shore is sucking wind and mansions are foreclosing.

    The report this article links to says foreclosures are trending up.

    But the headline says "scant" foreclosures and the copy reads like it's all sunshine and roses on the North Shore.

    Did the reporter even bother to look at the video?! Or read the Woodstock Institute's report?!

    This is either naive incompetence or real estate shill city. The headline and tone of the copy are totally misleading. Click on the links and compare '09 to '10. It's getting worse, not better.

    Ministry of Misinformation in charge on this one.

  • Did you look at the numbers? Paltry numbers. Trending up? A continuing trickle is trending? I'm talking about 4 specific places here, not about the entire report, which of course I read.

    Did you get any part of this post - the gist of it being that the 8-month old video was predicting something that hasn't come to pass.

    It appears that you're about ranting rather than reading. I not only watched the video, I shot it. If you'd been paying attention the least little bit you'd have noticed that.

    DamnStraight comes off as DamnStupid in this comment.

  • Funny. The New York Times reads the same Woodstock Institute report and conclude there's a problem in paradise.

    But I'll take your word for it. Rising foreclosures on the North Shore-- where up until two years ago they were never heard of-- aren't anything to worry about.

    Tell me, oh shill. What percent of current sales in these suburbs are foreclosure and short sale? How many homes in these suburbs are REO that the banks are keeping off the market? How's that inventory level doing north of $1 million-- and what will it do to mid-level prices when capitulation finally sets in.

    It's all about the trend, friend, all about the trend.

  • The NYT story was written by the Trib's over-the-hill gang from the Chicago News Cooperative.

    I cited numbers - small numbers. Numbers are better than misleading headlines but I guess you'd rather rely on those than on facts.

    Again, I cited facts. You're shilling for a a pre-determined conclusion and ignoring those facts.

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