Chicago Yelpers slam Beal Properties

894 Green Bay Rd, Winnetka, ILl

Beal's Web site is one of the few management companies with a significant presence on Chicago's North Shore. Among other properties, it manages the courtyard building, pictured above, at 894 Green Bay Rd in the Hubbard Woods neighborhood of Winnetka.

If you look at the reviews of Beal Properties at Yelp you'll see one message repeated over and over: don't rent from Beal.

Yelper Liz C elaborates:

Please run, don't walk, from these slumlords. I'm wrapping up a one-year lease with this dump. If you like safety issues (our building's front and back doors have been broken for the majority of my lease), cockroaches the size of mice in your bathtub, janitors that don't give a F*#% and neighbors that have the cops called on them weekly then feel free to give Beal a shot. I hope this building is condemned.

What prompted me to look at Beal's Yelp reviews? Two young ladies I know, both raised on the north Shore, had their Beal-managed Lake View apartment in Chicago broken into and expensive items stolen. Their calls to Beal over a 3-day period have not been returned despite the fact that they were reporting a security issue with their apartment.

Beal's Web site, curiously, lists the sought-after neighborhoods and North Shore suburbs in which it manages property, but doesn't list the properties.

Does anyone know whether the reviews on Yelp reflect Beal's North Shore performance?


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  • I would assume that it would be the same for all, if managed by the same group. Beal is horrible. I lived at 536 W Arlington Pl for 2 years (only b/c a roommate situation fell through at the last minute). The first year was bad (3-month delayed repairs, moldy walls and flooding in the bathroom, freezing temps during the winter, etc.) The second year was worse (2 weeks with rats scurrying in my walls, more mold, pipe leaks, frozen water pipes, sub-zero temps, skyrocketing electric bills b/c of the poor wiring, etc.)

    I finally bought a condo and asked Beal to let me out of my lease; they refused. So I decided to bite the bullet and pay for the remaining 2 months on my lease. I was paid through the end of June when I moved out April 23rd. I left some clothes there to wash along with several other items. I went back May 2nd, the property engineer/super had pried off my lock and changed it, threw out all my things, and moved in to my apartment without any sort of written or verbal notice. Um, illegal?

    Over the past 2 months I have tried to contact them through my lawyer, demanding payment for my rent and lost items with absolutely no response. They have forced me to file suit. Run, RUN away from this company.

  • In reply to LaineMH:

    An Update: After over 8 months of legal fees, demand letters and court filings, Beal Properties (Apartments Management Group) finally contacted me to settle on my lawsuit. I'm very saddened to know that they will still be able to swindle other tenants.

  • In reply to LaineMH:


    You're apparently affiliated with a law firm. Until you disclose what that firm is, and what its interest in this matter is, no one should contact you. I've placed a call to the # and left a voice message in an attempt to learn more.

    If you're an attorney everyone should triply avoid contacting you. Anonymous comments are not a legitimate way to source info in which you have an interest.

  • In reply to joezekas:

    Joe, Thanks for the call. Nice to speak with you as well. I wish to clarify the interest in your article and my interest in the current & prior tenants of Beal Properties. I am not an attorney but do work for a law firm.

    In order to legitimize my request for help, I would like to outline the firms role and interest in this matter. Beal Properties is notorious for code violations. Our office recieves money judgments from the city to collect (unpaid tickets for these code violations). We have contracted for the city for many years in this role and have been succesful in maintaining that relationship with our client. We have not been able to get to Beal Properties ( and make them correct these wrongs and pay the city for these violations. Prior tenants have placed calls to the Buildings Dept and Streets & Sans. While this is all fine and good, if Beal dosen't pay and correct the problems, whats the point in calling the city in for help?

    We want information that only current & prior tenants may have. My feeble attempt was not meant to place a veil of deciet, but an attempt to help make several of their wrongs into rights and at the same time, provide results to our client. If we can help the regular joe on the street that's renting from Beal and ALL of the associated company names they may use, score one for the good guys! So, my request still stands and I hope that someone can help.

  • In reply to enforcer:

    I withdraw my earlier suggestion that people not contact you.

  • My boyfriend currently rents from these slum lords. He has had a roach problem and a non-working stove and oven for over half a year, yet they have done nothing.

    In December, they told him they never received December rent. They obviously knew that he forgot to tear off the money order receipt before dropping it off. He went to his bank, and they were able to print a document showing the account number used to deposit the money order. When my boyfriend told the president, Thomas Silverstein I think his name is, he told him he could bring in any document he wanted, but it still wouldn't help his cause. He told my boyfriend he was confident he did not have the financial resources to afford an attorney.

    Just today, they call my boyfriend to tell him that since part of his rent isn't paid, they are going to evict his dog. Obviously, that isn't legal.

    Stay away from this company. Barb is especially mean-hearted. They are currently doing business as Apartment Management, or something generic like that. Totally sketchy.

  • Beal has changed its name to Apartments Management Group due to its bad reputation:

    Why isn't this company eradicated by the city?

  • I need help from current or previous renters. Please contact me at (312)629-7569.

  • I found a great blog for people who are dealing with Beal Properties LLC. The blog is loaded with great ideas for dealing with those snakes. It also has valuable information about the company.
    Check it out:

  • In reply to Mouse:

    How does one gain access to be a reader of that blog. Currently living in a Beal property. Curious to see what the blog says.

  • The bloggers will introduce themselves to you. Write reviews of Beal on the internet, use sites for reviews of apartment companies, is great and so is Angie’s List. Use the same username to write these reviews. Please tell everyone which building you live in and describe your experiences.

  • If you’ve already figured out that your seemingly innocuously named building is actually owned by Beal then you probably are having problems with them like most everyone else. Here’s a list of external links where you can find assistance regarding your rights as a tenant – you have lots of rights to things like maintenance of your apartment and building, security, seeing your lease in writing, there’s a law about how much and how they may charge you late rent fees, as well as many more. You even have the right to timely and effective repairs on Beal’s part or you can pay somebody else for the repairs then deduct the cost from your rent – check out “14 Day Notices.” You even can break your lease early if Beal won’t do certain repairs – there are several ways for that, please keep reading.

    If you have any questions or concerns about your landlord or what your landlord can’t or can do, you can contact the Metropolitan Tenant Organization.

    The Center For Renter’s Rights is also a great Tenant’s Rights resource and they can also help you end your lease early if Beal refuses to uphold their part of the lease.

    Chicago Tenant’s Rights - here’s another organization that can inform you about your rights as a tenant and provide you with some pointers in dealing with Beal.

    For a building inspection, call 311 and report any issues that you’re having then a building inspector will be able to assist you. The Chicago Building Department number is 312-743-0405.

    Here’s a short list of what you your landlord is required to so maintenance wise:
    As a tenant your lease is a contract, in which you agree to pay Beal rent in exchange for a safe and sound living experience. You uphold your part of the contract by paying rent so why shouldn’t they?

    Beal has a duty to keep the building in a safe and livable condition. The following things must be in a safe condition according to city law:

    • building structure must be solid and in good condition;
    • foundations, walls, and the roof must be water tight;
    • keep the required locks fixed on the doors and windows;
    • the property must be protected against mice, rats, and other rodents and insects;
    • there must be signs for exits and fire escapes;
    • smoke alarms must be provided, also sprinklers and current fire extinguishers where required;
    • hallways and stairways must be kept lighted;
    • windows, outside doors and basement doors must be safe and in good condition;
    • boiler, furnace and chimneys must be in good working order; plumbing and pipes must be kept in good working order;
    • electrical wire and circuits must be safe and operable.

    What other repairs must Beal do to make my apartment fit to live in?
    • keep flush toilet, bathroom basin, bath tub, shower, and kitchen sink in good working condition;
    • supply hot and cold water;
    • supply enough heat as required by city law (September 15th through June 1st, 68° daytime and 66° nighttime)
    • supply screens between April 15 and November 15 where required by law;
    • prevent the collection of stagnant water;
    • provide adequate ventilation and light.

    Must the Beal exterminate?
    Yes, Beal must exterminate to prevent insects, rats, or pests in the building. Most landlords consider rodents an emergency and will react quickly. If not, be sure to point out that infestation of the entire building is not an option.

    Does Beal have to provide for trash collection?
    Yes, Beal must provide a place for disposing of trash and garbage.

    Does Beal have to repair the appliances in my apartment?
    Yes, if Beal supplies the appliance, such as the refrigerator, stove, and air conditioner, then Beal must keep them in good working condition.

    Those are just the basics while issues such as: water pressure, stairwells, guardrails, mold, falling cabinets, exposed electrical wires, and treacherous porches/fire escapes are all covered by City Code. Please have a look at the list and compare it to the condition of your apartment. The City Code is exceptionally comprehensive.

    Finally, here’s a list of all of Beal’s buildings:
    Near North
    1220 N. LaSalle
    1347 N. Dearborn
    1435 N Dearborn St
    1446 N Dearborn St

    Lincoln Park
    536 W Arlington
    620 W Barry
    635 W. Barry
    427 W. Belden
    600 W Diversey
    814 W. Diversey
    818 W. Diversey
    2912 N Mildred Ave
    627-629 W. Oakdale
    643 W. Oakdale
    540 W Wellington Ave
    558 W Wellington
    1101 W Wellington
    1200 W Wellington
    837 W. Wolfram

    550 - 560 W. Aldine
    505 W. Belmont
    711 W. Belmont
    739 W. Belmont
    3700 N Bosworth Ave
    713 W. Brompton
    1450 W. Byron
    622 W Cornelia Ave
    654 - 664 W. Cornelia
    815 - 823 W. Cornelia
    3249 N Damen Ave
    3823 – 3829 N. Fremont St.
    3815-3823 N Greenview
    3839-3845 N Greenview
    3900 – 3904 N. Janssen
    924 W Newport
    511 W Melrose
    3720 – 3728 Pine Grove
    813 W. Waveland
    915 W Waveland Ave

    4407 N Wolcott

    Rogers Park
    6438 N Sacramento Ave

    925 Forest Ave in Evanston
    1130 Maple Ave in Evanston
    1134-1144 Maple Ave in Evanston
    1143 - 1149 Maple in Evanston
    1133 – 1139 Oak in Evanston
    1313 Oak in Evanston
    373 Hazel in Glencoe
    353 Park Ave in Glencoe
    365 Park Ave in Glencoe
    725 St. Johns in Highland Park
    819 Elm St in Winnetka (known as Chestnut BLDG I LLC)
    894 Green Bay Rd in Winnetka

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    I can't get an apartment because of their incompetence and nobody will call me back. I terminated my lease early, and they've sent me a bill that's twice as large as a full years rent at that place would be. I have called their office half a dozen times with no useful response from anybody; All I want is a bill, since they made no effort to collect money from me before sending me to collections despite a forwarding mailing address and phone number provided. I've recently left 2 messages with staff and on voicemail with no attempt made to contact me.

    My water was orange, the washing machines were spraying water into the electrical outlets they were plugged in to; I lived temporarily in someone elses dirty mess (I'm talking bags of dirty gym clothes, 2 month old milk in the fridge, pizza left in the oven, 9 months of cat hair ground into the floor) for a month and a half because they couldn't be bothered to clean out the apartment I was going to be living in for the duration. I got stuck in the elevator three times in the months I lived there. The freight elevator, which I specifically asked about before I moved in, (yes, we have one, it's right there) had been out of service since well before I moved in, making moving in very difficult (I had to throw away a couch. Obviously they have lost business because of the broken elevator so they had to lie about it; I wouldn't have moved in if it was busted). During the winter, the only way to keep the apartment above 50 degrees was to run my oven 24/7. For 2 weeks they lost my 1600 dollar first 2 months rent payment. Only about half of the light fixtures worked.

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