Chez John: At home with designer John Robert Wiltgen

Having famed designer John Robert Wiltgen show you around his personal residence is a bit like having Charlie Trotter sit you down in his kitchen and cook you dinner.

What inspired the Egyptian motifs you'll see in his entry gallery and dining room? "The shape of the columns just immediately said to me 'Egyptian temple' and here we are." Wiltgen originally intended to limit the motif to his entry gallery but found "it was kind of hard to stop." His home now showcases the Egyptian art and antiquities he's collected over the years.

In the second part of our video tour you'll learn that there's no Wiltgen "signature look." His designs are dictated by differences in architecture and client preferences and dreams, but "the look is all about drama."

John Robert Wiltgen has designed Chicago North Shore interiors and in-town residences for North Shore residents. His current assignments range from Trump Tower to projects in Lagos, Nigeria and Dubai.

Join me for a walk through Wiltgen's West Loop loft. The tour was arranged by Ted Guarnero, who's a client.

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