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A single-family alternative in Streeterville

If you know Streeterville, you instantly recognize that the headline is nonsensical. There are no single-family homes in Streeterville, so single-family home vs condo or co-op is not a choice that buyers opting for tht neighborhood actually face. Many of the lavish co-op buildings in Streeterville, however, were built in the 1920s to provide a... Read more »

A newly-listed 4-bedroom for $4.95M in a cash-only Gold Coast co-op

The Chicago co-op building at 1500 N Lake Shore Drive is the only Chicago project credited to Rosario Candela, the designer of many of New York’s most luxurious apartment buildings. When the building opened in the late 1920s Ruth Bergman wrote that “Olympus is more beautiful but the gods have never chilled their nectar in... Read more »

The special assessment that costs more than the condo

A 3-bedroom, 3-bath condo at 5000 South East End Ave in Kenwood was just listed for sale for $89,900 – plus a $90,000 special assessment occasioned by the building’s recent conversion from co-op to condominium ownership. Unit 12A, also a 3-bedroom, 3-bath, has been renovated and is for sale for $289,900 after a recent price... Read more »